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Kew Cottages Coalition Reg # A0044698H

The Victorian Government Minister for Community Services, Sherryl Garbutt bravely claimed that:

" Kew Cottages is an outdated institution that cannot meet the basic standards of accommodation. Residents have to share bedrooms with up to four other adults and have no privacy - hardly the "acceptable accommodation" Davidson describes...."

                                                                                  The Age 17th June 2003

However, the families of many of the residents say that the Minister is simply talking nonsense.

Some of the accommodation certainly need renovating they say, but other buildings are brand new ! And to prove it, they gave us photos of their current accommodation and facilities at Kew Cottages.

You can now decide for yourselves who to believe about Kew Cottages - the Minister or the The Age's Kenneth Davidson ?

Kew Cottages Residential Units on The Crescent
0000083.JPG 0000084.JPG 0000085.JPG 0000086.JPG
0000087.JPG 0000088.JPG 0000089.JPG 0000091.JPG

Balconies and Interiors, with single bedrooms, shared living areas and special facilities.


These are just some of the buildings that the Bracks Government now intends to bulldoze....

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