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Kew Cottages Coalition Reg # A0044698H


1.  The Kew Cottages Coalition invites those who are caring for the intellectually disabled to tell us about their current unmet needs, and how these could be addressed by redeveloping Kew Cottages.

2. If you would  be interested in accessing any of the following services please contact us and we will send you a feedback form for you to complete:

  1. residential supported accommodation:

    •  Community residential unit
    •  Small cluster setting
    •  Village community

  3. respite care
  4. specialist aged care
  5. special education
  6. early intervention services
  7. occupational therapy
  8. speech therapy
  9. physiotherapy
  10. specialist medical services
  11. specialist dental services
  12. swimming pool/hydrotherapy
  13. gymnasium
  14. dance therapy
  15. music therapy
  16. community gardens
  17. work experience, e.g. community café staffed by intellectually disabled
  18. people
  19. research facility
  20. multi-ability playground
  21. outdoor soundscapes
  22. trampolines
  23. peer socialisation opportunities


Registration Options for the  Kew Cottages Coalition (KCC) Unofficial Waiting List

Registering Online:

Email:          kewcottageswaitinglist@yahoo.com.au

With Subject Line: Registration Request


Registering by Phone or Post:

Step 1. Contact us:

By phone:     03 9853 7708

By Post:        Waiting List, KCC,  PO Box 2317, KEW, Victoria 3101

Step 2. Request, complete, and return  to us a  Kew Cottages Coalition Waiting List Registration & Feedback  form

    (N.B. To Register on  the Waiting List , please answer 'Yes' to the Question:

"Do you wish to protest at the closure and sale of  Kew Cottages, by Registering on  the Kew Cottages Waiting List ?"

Important note: This is an ‘unofficial’ waiting list set up as a protest action by the Kew Cottages Coalition.

We hope to use the information provided to us in order to help:

  1. Provoke a policy change by the Brack's Government;
  2. Provide more accommodation choices for Victoria's disabled;
  3. Stop the closure and sale of Kew Cottages; and
  4. Develop a vision for an Intellectual Disability Centre of Excellence at Kew  that is both:
The  Unofficial Waiting List is a research tool,  aimed at helping better ascertain the unmet needs of members of the Government's own Waiting Lists..

The  Unofficial Waiting List has no legal status, and it is specifically NOT endorsed by the State Government or any of its Agents, Departments, Contractors, or Staff.

The confidentiality of any personal details supplied to the Kew Cottages Coalition is strictly guaranteed .

However, please note this form can also be filled out anonymously on your behalf  by a trusted third party (eg: a family member, carer, advocate, or friend)  if you prefer.


  • We will comply with Privacy legislation in the State of Victoria in handling all personal information . Unless you advisee us otherwise, you agree that  we may  make the information you provide available  for the above purposes to the independent disability groups CIPAID (Concerned Individuals and Parents Action on Intellectual Disbility), the Disability Network., and the Kew Cottages Parents Association.
  • Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the electronic information presented on this site. However, Kew Cottages Coalition accepts no responsibility for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the material presented in this service.
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