It is now 8th October 2003.

Your Department has  printed a glossy brochure with details of the New Government  Plan prepared by VicUrban all ready to go.

However, there is a debate on Kew Cottages in the Upper House this morning, and if you release the new plan today it will give the opposition a lot of new ammunition to attack you with in the debate.

There is also a local government storm warning current. Your advisers tell you "the responsible authority" (Boroondara Council) is set to release its own plan for Kew Cottages, and you will have to be careful to use all the right legal stepping stones to avoid being out manoeuvered by them. This will take time - several more days at least.

Do you:

1. Provide the new Government Plan (as requested)
2. Continue to ignore the question.

Clue: The matter is now one of serious public interest and has attracted major media coverage.